Feel to Heal with Horses: Women’s Equine Retreat  

El Castillo, Costa Rica

January 19-25, 2024

Feel to Heal with Horses: Women’s Equine Retreat  

El Castillo, Costa Rica

January 19-25, 2024

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Do you get stuck in old patterns that you can’t seem to shake, even when you develop some awareness of them?  If you’re like a lot of women, it may be people pleasing, perfectionism, or resentment.  Maybe you have relationships that you really want to change, but you’ve tried therapy, self-help books and nothing has worked. 

Join our Heal to Feel with Horses retreat in the gorgeous Arenal region of Costa Rica, to create shifts that you likely won’t see in a year of therapy!  Horses have so much to teach us.  When horses live in a harmonious herd, they know how to show up fully as themselves, and exist in harmony with the others around them.  They have clear boundaries, they don’t hold onto grudges, and they desire authenticity.  Horses also have this uncanny ability to see in us what we can’t even fully see in ourselves yet.  This leads to self-insight, and the opportunity to practice showing up differently with a being that will give us honest feedback! 

This retreat braids together the gifts and life work of Nancy Zintsmaster of the Resnick Method Liberty Horsemanship, and Katherine Finley of Sovereign Heart Coaching.  By combining forces, with Nan’s extraordinary herd of course, they have found a magical formula for self-transformation.

You will leave this retreat knowing yourself more deeply than before, feeling seen and heard in a way you hadn’t previously, and with tools to live from an authentic, heart-centered place.  You will also feel deeply nourished by the jungle of Costa Rica.


How to recognize when you’re operating from unhealthy patterns or your Authentic Self, and how to get back to your Authentic Self when you’re off track!

How to make decisions and choices from a connected, present place of inner knowing. 

How to tap into the wisdom of your body and inner Divine connection

How to come into a state of deep fulfillment in life by allowing and receiving the miracles life has to offer, rather than “doing” or “forcing” life.

How to find, through “feel”, the win-win in relationships

How to connect with nature and other beings from your BEING, not your mind

How to use the Resnick Method Waterhole Rituals to build true connection



You’re a woman open to receiving insight from the horses and their higher wisdom. 

You have tried all sorts of other self-growth modalities, but you’ve hit a wall and you want something radically different. 

You want to step more into your authenticity but are looking for a new way to do this. 

Horses have been calling to your heart, asking you to connect with them in a new way, serving your higher purpose.

This is not a horse training retreat.  You’ll get a lot of horse time but then you’ll be digesting that in a way that allows you to take your insights into your life. This is also not a riding retreat.

Being with horses on the ground is giving them an opportunity to relate to you in a completely different way than if you were on their backs. Nan and Katherine have found that horses love to be in relationship with humans in this way, showing us the shamans they really are.



Katherine Finley

Katherine Finley, Spiritual and Women’s Transformation Coach, has been working with horses since she was a child.  Growing up riding and showing, she came to know the magnificence that is the horse, and the amazing relationship that can be developed between horse and human. 

Working for years as an equine therapist showed Katherine the potential for immense healing with these highly evolved beings. 

She has now found her highest joy in bringing herself as a spiritual coach to her work with horses.  Horses have been instrumental in Katherine’s journey of fully embodying her soul, and living from this aligned place.  Katherine finds that working with horses is a shortcut to her higher wisdom and soul knowing.  She is beyond grateful that it is part of her path to work with horses in this powerful way in this lifetime.  

Katherine’s other favorite thing is to hold space for women to step into their authenticity, so that they can life their unique divine expressions in the world.  Katherine is so excited to create that sacred container for you in this retreat for your highest growth and expansion.  


Nancy Zintsmaster

Nancy Zintsmaster is co-founder of The Resnick Method of Horsemanship, Certified Instructor and Master Trainer in The Carolyn Resnick Method.

Nancy is a testament to the transformational power of The Resnick Method. Like many, she’d been naturally drawn to horses since childhood and sought their company every chance she got. But it wasn’t until she found Carolyn’s book, Naked Liberty,  that she understood the depth of connection she could aspire to have with them.

In Costa Rica, she found herself rescuing 5 horses in dire conditions and choosing the path of Liberty Training in The Resnick Method to gain their trust and respect. What began as an effort to save them, morphed into a journey of personal transformation and it became clear to her that these sentient beings had so much more to teach her than she had to teach them.

Finally, she connected with Carolyn herself and a life-changing partnership began. Carolyn was impressed with her natural gift with horses and moved by her palpable passion for Carolyn’s teachings. 

Nancy has since then become the biggest advocate for The Resnick Method, firm in her belief that all horse lovers should have the same opportunities she’s had to connect with horses. As Master Trainer in this method, she’s determined to travel worldwide to spread the word on this powerful and effective way to communicate with horses, to ensure a better treatment of horses, with greater rewards for horse-lovers. 

You can find her with her rescue horses in her ranch, Dance with Horses (The Resnick Method’s Costa Rica location), situated at the top of her own mountain, overlooking the lake and volcano of Arenal.



January 19-25, 2024.  The 19th and 25th are travel days to and from the retreat site.  The retreat will be Saturday (20th), Sunday (21st), Tuesday (23rd), and Wednesday (24th).  Monday will be a day off to get a massage, go on a trail ride, kayak on the lake, hike the volcano, go zip lining, or whatever you fancy! 


El Castillo, Costa Rica

The closest airport is Liberia International Airport, Costa Rica, at about 2.5 hours away.  The San Jose International Airport is about 3 hours and 15 minutes away.  You will want to arrive to the retreat on January 19th to get settled in, and leave the 25th, as there will be full day of retreat on the 24th.


The beautiful retreat accommodations face Lake Arenal.  There are single occupancy and double occupancy rooms available.

“The housing is super comfortable” -former retreat participant


Continental breakfast and delectable homemade healthy lunches are included. 

“The food is delicious!”  -former retreat participant



What’s next?

Schedule a call with Katherine HERE!  Or send her a message via WhatsApp at +1 828 231 3498 to schedule a call.  She can answer any questions, let you know cost details depending on desired accommodations, tell you how to make payment, and get you registered.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Check out this video from one of our retreats last year!

This will be an intimate retreat of only 6 women and will fill up fast, so register now!


What our retreat participants have to say…

 “Katherine and Nan are top notch facilitators”.

-former retreat participant

“The location is fabulous!  You’re so surrounded by so much natural beauty, you’ll be drunk on it!” 

-former retreat participant

“The retreat was magical!  I feel so nourished by our time together with the horses.”

-former retreat participant

“I think the key insight for me came from Luz, and watching how she holds space for the herd.  She doesn’t control them or get involved in pecking order disputes.

She holds a loving container in which the other horses can work it out.  She taught me a lot about how to lead a family from behind.”

-former retreat participant

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