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This 21-week program is for women who are ready to uplevel their lives and live with aligned purpose.

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A Transformational Group Program for Women


You are being called to align with your Inner Truth.

Answer the Call Like Your Life Depends On It… BECAUSE IT DOES.

Are you a woman who’s on a growth path in life?  You seek to be your best self and may have attended workshops, or trainings or you love self-help books.  Sometimes you create big shifts but have a hard time making them stick.  Sometimes you wish you had someone on the journey with you to vent about how hard it is!  If you’re like me, what has been the most helpful in creating true change in myself has been having an intentional, supportive community that is co-conspiring with me for my highest vision for myself.  I’ve also talked with a lot of women who appreciate a loving and tight container in supportive community, to help them get over stumbling blocks that they couldn’t on their own.  For some women, this looks like accountability, for some a loving reminder of her inner strength.    

This 21-week Inner Alchemy program is set up to make anything less than true transformation impossible.  You and 5 other inspired women will meet with me weekly for 21 weeks, moving through deep change on the energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  This will be a safe, tight container that will catch you when needed, as you alchemize all the patterns, belief systems and ways of being that are ready to be composted and transformed into the unique and gorgeous garden that is you.  We will hold each other energetically in our highest frequencies, allowing the stepping into our best and most aligned selves with self-love and grace.

And here’s the why.  Because we are needed in the world as our highest and best selves.  The power we have when we are in the frequency of inner truth and love impacts all the lives around us and beyond.  I’m on a mission to support as many women as possible to do the Inner Alchemy to step into their inimitable power that will lead to an expanded, joyful life, and that the world is hungry for.  

This absolutely transformative 21-week program will lead you through ALL the pieces you need to land back in yourself, more fully than ever before. 

I will guide you through modules on:

  • Nourishing your energetic frequency
  • Understanding all of the parts of yourself that sometimes get in the way of your goals in life 
  • How to take high level care of your body with information and practices on true hydration, clean eating, water fasting, breath and joyful movement. 
  • Balancing our masculine and feminine energies to create flow in life 
  • Easily connecting to our Inner Wisdom and Intuition to know how to move forward on a path of heartfelt purpose 

At the conclusion of these 21 weeks you will feel more aligned and attuned to your True Self than ever in your life.  You will feel in touch with your intuition and your heart.  You will have compassion for yourself in every way, and know what to do when you feel off track, whether it’s with a routine, or emotionally.  You will feel at home in your body and will know how to treat her with the TLC she deserves.  Designed for true change and depth, this journey is limited to 6 beautiful souls like yourself.


  • Weekly 90 min zoom calls for deep support
  • Video sequence dropped to you each week containing incredible information on the week’s topic and practice.
  • Intentional group connection and support between calls through Voxer
  • Bonus videos if you want to geek out on certain topics
  • A purposefully small  community of women who are ready to traverse this journey with you  


  • You’re looking for a supportive, tight container to help you clean up everything from your diet to your morning routine, in a way that’s in balance and sustainable
  • You’re someone who has done a lot of healing work and is ready to integrate this into day to day life and create long lasting change
  • You are committed to holding a safe container for the rest of the group and are ready and willing to go through a collective transformative experience.
  • You are a mother who works from home and struggles to find balance of your own self-care and the needs of your family
  • You want to know you’re part of something bigger, and that your inner work makes a difference
  • You crave a community of women that relates authentically and that is supportive of your higher vision
  • You are in transition, searching for your aligned purpose at this time in your life
  • You are ready to both let go, and create the life you truly desire, at the same time!!

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Send me a WhatsApp message to + 1 828-231-3498 or click below to send me an email.  I look forward to connecting with you! 

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“Katherine has been there every step of the way to help me tap into my inner power in a way I NEVER thought could be accessible. She helped put the color into all of the parts of my life that feel grey, and provided me with a toolbox overflowing with methods to use no matter what I wake up to face that day. 

Katherine has been absolutely integral in my entire journey, and I could genuinely go on for pages about the different parts of my life she has touched, simply by guiding me the entire way to my own wholeness. She helps you feel powerful. She helps you remember you ARE powerful. I feel very lucky our paths have crossed, because it’s no secret she comes into your life and beauty comes after!!!”

-Angelic V


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