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It feels like you’re always the black sheep.

Big changes are happening in the world, and you see the potential for an awakening of consciousness for you and humanity. Those around you don’t necessarily see this, and you yearn for this inner spark to be reflected and nurtured. There is a pull inside that is about your purpose and place in it all.

There is an inner knowing that it’s time for a significant change in your life, but you’re scared.

You have felt in alignment at other times of your life. You have been in the flow. You have been connected to your intuition. But somewhere along the way, it was lost, maybe through staying in an incongruous job or relationship or losing yourself in the world of parenting. It feels like a hard time to get it back because things around you seem uncertain. Then again, maybe now is a PERFECT time.

You’re ready to feel empowered again.

You want to find your center, your embodied intuition, your inner truth. And that is possible! In this world of uncertainty, you CAN be the eye of the storm. You CAN live your best life right NOW. In fact, there is no more critical time because living your best life helps all of us.  Living our best life is the path of AWAKENING. And it is a life lived with JOY.

We are in a time of major transformation in our world, and you are needed. 

We are in a time where the veils are being lifted, and we are being asked to live outside of the conversations of good/bad and right/wrong. Many ancient traditions recognize this time as a ‘Great Awakening.’ As with childbirth, times of significant change come with struggle and pain, feeling lost, and even feeling hopeless. And it is through this pain and struggle that something magnificent is born. If you are reading this, YOU are all being called on to support the birth of this New Earth. How? Through your own awakening process. Because this shift is about a shift in consciousness.  You are being called to step fully into your Sovereignty.

Each of our divine essences is unique and perfect. What happens when you can bring your unique divine essence fully into your body, on earth, to learn and then act from this place?! It will be a life of joy for you and a beautiful contribution to the world that only you can give. It’s time to live and love authentically and change the world.


Supporting people in this mission through spiritual and somatic life coaching is my greatest joy.

I work with my clients to bring together the wisdom of their bodies with the wisdom of their spirit.

It is my experience that somatic awareness and spiritual connection go hand in hand. We will work together to be curious with the body to feel and hear what it has to say. Our bodies are ALWAYS moving towards wholeness, and if we listen, we can help it along. In this listening, we become more and more connected to our intuition, which I believe is our individual connection to the whole, the Oneness.

I am deeply honored to support others in finding and walking their own divine paths. All of our paths are different, and I come to yours holding a space of reverence and curiosity because your spirit knows the way.

Let me help you know and live from your divine essence.




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Katherine’s coaching was warm, friendly and full of care. She led me powerfully through my own thoughts and feelings and allowed me to discover a new clear sense of purpose and a new path to self-expression. Her coaching has led me to a new understanding of what brings me peace and satisfaction.

Chris D

Katherine has a calm, relatable, and warm energy that allowed me to be open and vulnerable throughout our experience together. She provided me with executable actions and tools to tackle the issues I was facing in my personal life. Working with Katherine has left me feeling more free and powerful to create the life I want and I am grateful for this experience.

Michelle D

Katherine was a great person to open up to. She asked insightful questions and invited me to look deeper within myself. I was fortunate to work with her and would do so again!


During our sessions, Katherine held space that made me feel safe, heard, understood, and validated. She was quickly able to get “to the heart” of matters that were important to me so we could begin work right away. She offered creative, solution-oriented ideas and techniques that helped me perceive things in a whole new light. I am thankful for my coaching experience with Katherine; it was exactly what I wanted and needed!

Chloë U

Working with Katherine was energetically enlightening and uplifting for me. Her gentle and embodied nature laid the foundation of assurance I needed to shed fears and open up to my bold, inner being. Her steady and strong presence guided me through the ups and downs of self-discovery using tools of meditation and somatics to support my work along the way. I came out of our time together transformed, inspired, and connected to my deeper sense of purpose.

Rachel M.


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