Valuable Perspectives

I’m often asked to share videos that share perspectives that I hold valuable, whether I agree with them in their entirety or not.  Here is that list.  I invite you to watch with an open mind, and then come to your own conclusions- do more research, check in with your heart and gut, check what is said against your lived experience.  Don’t take my or anyone else’s word for it.  I believe this time in our world’s history is about coming into our own truth, our own power.  Trading someone else’s truth for another someone else’s isn’t the point.  And, it helps to listen to perspectives that are new- to check in with assumptions we may have or old belief systems we don’t actually agree with anymore.  So here are some of my favorite links.  Enjoy!  

The year(s) of Covid, Doctors you may not have heard from:

Dr. Zach Bush and what he believes happened in 2019/2020.  If you don’t know Zach Bush MD, please look him up.  He is one of the most heartfelt doctors I have ever heard speak.  He cares deeply about humanity and this planet.

Podcast with Dr. Zach Bush all about Covid and the vaccines  

More Zach Bush- why viruses are crucial to life on this planet

Joe Rogan with Dr. Peter A. McCullough.  Dr. McCullough is the most published doctors in his field of cardiology. He is an example of a doctor that follows his ethics rather than acts out of fear or compliance. This podcast is about early treatment and the suppression thereof, among other things 

Joe Rogan with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology

Horse Paste?  Open letter from Diane Pearlman PhD to Rachel Maddow containing great Ivermectin research, also sheds light on mainstream media as part of the propaganda machine, rather than journalists looking for the truth.

Importance of Vitamin D

Impact of Covid Measures

The Brownstone Group is made up of a group of scientists and doctors that have spoken out from the beginning of the pandemic, advocating for things to be handled in a way to both protect the vulnerable and avoid the negative impacts of shutting down society.  

Failure of covid measures- over 400 studies  

Cost of lockdowns, preliminary report

Grammy Winner Victory Boyd- her thoughts after being canceled to sing the national anthem at an NFL season opener because she was not vaccinated

Summayah Simone on her podcast, “What’s Your View,” talks with attorney Tricia Lindsay, health and religious freedom advocate Brooke Jordan and Jasmine Miller, a nursing assistant who lost her job for refusing the Covid vaccine

Journalist Whitney Webb looks at racism in initial vaccine efforts   

Masks specifically:

Overview of the science on mask effectiveness

Review of the Medical literature regarding masks

Child Study about carbon dioxide content inhaled with and without masks

The Inoculations:

This is a very clear presentation about the poor-quality science of the Pfizer trial.

Dr. Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health giving a good short explanation on why shots are not needed because we have good early treatment options

Dr Bridle, vaccine developer, gives early warning to the public after the discovery that the spike protein is a toxin

Children- their risks of Covid-19 vs the risk of vaccines

Aubrey Marcus Podcast- Is the shot safe and effective as advertised? 

Voices that deserve to be heard:

A heartbreaking occurrence that has happened as a side effect of the pharmaceutical companies, governments and mainstream media’s huge attempts to convince the public that the inoculations are “safe and effective” is the suppression of the voices of people who have been injured.  These folks are not getting the treatment they deserve and are often called crazy anti-vaxxers.  This is tragic.

A website with real like testimonials from the injured.

Senator Ron Johnson news conference, hearing from the vaccine injured: 

The forgotten voices of the pandemic.  A poem by Aubrey Marcus

How about human rights?

Ethics professor Dr. Julie Ponesses is placed on leave from Huron University College for not getting vaccinated.  She speaks about through her ethical lens.

If you haven’t been following Australia, look into it.  

Positive cases of covid and “close contacts”, even if vaccinated, are being taken against their will to Covid camps. 

Inside Australia Covid Camps, an interview

Australian aboriginals are standing up and asking for help.

Isn’t Bill Gates a Wonderful Philanthropist?  

I honestly didn’t know much about Bill Gates before two years ago.  It’s a dirty history.

For a deep look:

DTP vaccine unleashed by Bill Gates on young girls in Africa killed 10 times more of them than the disease itself would have.

Why Indians do not trust Bill Gates

The Bigger Picture- the Ugly and the Bright 

The Time is Now Movie.  Overview of this time of darkness and possibility.

Catherine Austin Fitts, what does the banking system have to do with all of this?

Alison McDowell- Following the Money and the Technocratic takeover (a starter) 

Aubrey Marcus podcast, with Professor Mattias Desmet, About Mass Formation 

Vandana Shiva is one of my heroes.  She is an Indian ecofeminist activist, who has been fighting for environmental and human rights her entire life.  She’s also a quantum physicist.  

About Vandana:

Robert Kennedy Jr. interviewing Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva on After Skool:

Gathering of the Tribe

A film made from a beautiful excerpt from Charles Eisenstein’s book, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible”

The people and organizations that I find heart-centered, sovereign and who are a huge force in creating the New Earth.

Heath Freedom from Humanity

Children’s Health Defense 

Farmer’s Footprint

Charity: Water

Dr. Zach Bush

Vandana Shiva PhD

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Charles Eisenstein

Aubrey Marcus

Alfa Vedic

Dr. Kelly Brogan and Sayer Ji

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Mary Allison

Xavier Dagba

Laura Jane Bolton

Lorie Ladd

Michael Beckwith

And so many more!  There is a beautiful movement happening, as we reclaim our power and seek to live in harmony with one another and the earth.  Hope you will join!