This period of Covid has most of us looking for safety. We are looking for safety because something has scared us. This is different for different people. Some are scared of the virus, some are scared of governments or corporations having too much power, some are scared of people not wearing masks, some are scared of what masks are doing for this generation of children, some are scared of the vaccine, some are scared of not getting everyone vaccinated.

How do you generally find safety? We can find safety by orienting outward or inward. Outward orientation could look like trusting the professionals, following the rules laid out by the government or health officials, or orienting to what our family and friends are doing and saying. Inward orientation could look like feeling it out, using intuition, or going with your gut. This orientation has generally been seen in our culture as leading to possible irrational choices,
so most of us are more heavily practiced in outward orientation and then relying on our cognition, rather than our bodies to help us make choices.

Some of my journey over the last few years has been about noticing how I have found safety through an outward orientation. Through a difficult experience (how the best learning happens right?!) I learned how my nervous system was constantly scanning for how others around me were feeling. I was good at using my nervous system to help others settle, so I could feel more settled. This is part of being an Empath. This created a way for me to feel safe in the world, and it was so practiced, I didn’t even know I was doing it. And it worked, until it didn’t! When it didn’t, I had no place to go but into myself. And there, I found a level of safety that I did not know existed. A safety that was connected to my body and it’s deep knowing, a safety connected to how I am a part of the larger whole, a safety connected to my inner divinity.

It’s from this place that I’ve gotten to experience myself in relationship to the Covid-19 pandemic. This new orientation has helped me trust in my body’s immune system, to take even better care of my body to boost my immune system, and to pace myself with tuning into the media, taking into account my personal lived experience, as much as I take in what is being portrayed. Somewhere along the way I learned this tool that seems to speak of the process I naturally came to during my healing journey. It is a tool that encourages decision making from the integration of these three pieces:

1. What do people or experts that I trust have to say about this?
2. What does my life experience have to say about this?
3. What does my intuition have to say about this?

Sit with these three. Do you have balance? Do you lean on one much more than the others? Do you discount your own experience? Do you feel connected to your intuition? In a world where we can find “experts” to say anything, I believe we need to pay more attention to #2 and #3. I know from my own life and those of my clients, that when we are in tune with our inner divine alignment, with our true nature, we will be pulled to choose what’s in the highest good for ourselves and the whole. Because that’s what nature does. And we are that. I work with my clients to take in what they hear from others, and then assimilate it through their life experience and intuition, to come to their personal truth. I want to live in a world where we are taking the radical self-responsibility to live our highest truths, not anyone else’s. Thank you for listening to mine and thank you for living yours.