Staying Human and Building a Better World in 2022

2022 is the year I do everything I can to fight for humanity, for the right to remain human, sovereign and free.  I trust my guidance to show me what my highest role is in this regard, and I commit to stepping up to the plate.  There is a hill worth dying on, and for me, this is it.  Our humanity is at stake.  

Here are some of my initial commitments to myself in the New Year.

For starters:

  • I WILL NOT, under any circumstances be coerced into getting an inoculation of any kind that I don’t deem is good for my body.
  • I will not inoculate my child with anything that she does not need, and/or is a health risk to her.
  • I will not mask my child.
  • I will not support businesses that engage in medical discrimination.
  • I will not support businesses that engage in censorship.
  • I will no longer support Google, including Google Ads, Gmail, and the Google search engine.
  • I will no longer support Facebook and have disabled my accounts.
  • I will not support Instagram, TicToc, or Twitter.
  • I WILL use cash as much as possible, to not support the transition to 100% digital currency.
  • I will bank with my local credit union, not big banks that fund or support unethical global practices.
  • I will buy local, and support businesses that value nondiscrimination.
  • I will grow a garden and buy organic produce from local farms.
  • I will support regenerative agriculture, by learning about it myself and applying it to my garden, as well as supporting regenerative farms.  
  • I will financially support organizations like Farmer’s Footprint, that assists farmers in the transition from industrial to regenerative farming practices.
  • I will financially support organizations like Charity:Water, that provides clean drinking water to poor communities all over the world.
  • I will continue to learn about the healing properties of the Earth’s plants and minerals, and will support my health and that of my family’s with her magic formulas.
  • I will continue to build community with beautiful, open-hearted people who chose love over fear, creativity over compliance, humanity over artificial intelligence.
  • I will be more active in the world as a coach, supporting my clients in coming into their own divine alignment, so that they can carry out their unique missions in this shift to New Earth consciousness.  This in part looks like starting a podcast, creating a thriving telegram channel and creating online classes.  Stay tuned! 

And what else?  I trust it will be revealed!  2022 is sure to be a big year for the world and I am committed to showing up for it in the highest way I’m able.