Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, says eloquently in his book Zen Mind, Zen Horse “The reason the horse can become such a gifted teacher for us is because he does not need an inner voice. He doesn’t think in words at all. He feels. He experiences the simple energy of his emotional state of being…. Horses infuse emotional meaning into every body movement. They pour this vital, emotional energy – chi – into every gesture and glance.” The horse LIVES in the “WE”, and humans (or most of us in the western world) live in the “I”.

Zach Bush MD speaks inspiringly about the paradigm shift we are in RIGHT NOW! We are in a time similar in scope to the time when we realized the earth was not flat, or the time in history when we discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe. Change is not easy on us humans and these discoveries took a while to integrate. It may be that the shift we’re in as I write this will have to happen faster to save ourselves from extinction. What is this shift? This is a true embodied shift to knowing the WE- that we are intrinsically connected to EVERYTHING around us. So not just other humans. Yes, it’s about time that we wake up to the fact that hunger for some impacts us all, or racism has negative consequences for even those that “benefit” from it. But it’s also time to wake up to our WE with the natural world around us. I love this idea of awakening- awakening to LIFE, the life that courses through our veins and with every breath. The LIFE that is intimately connected with the trees and bees and our fellow humans.

Horses live this all the time and therefore resonate with this frequency. That’s why I love to get people together with horses. Because all we really need to do is get present with them and they bring us into that higher frequency! From here, I watch my clients have revelations about their purpose in life, I watch their creativity burst forth, I watch effortless release of old patterns. Are the horses “doing” this? Nope. We actually don’t need anything outside of
ourselves to “do” anything to/for us, to awaken to our true alignment- not horses, not plant medicine, not akashic record readers, not gurus. Horses are “being” it, and in this, they invite our vibration to meet theirs. Easy Peasy. And this is what we’re all up to on Earth in this moment. BEING our highest vibration and as a beautiful byproduct, those around us come to meet us.

So what spaces raise your vibration? Be in these more. Which suck your life force? Be in these less or not at all. Hard to know? Here’s a simple tool. Before you enter- a place, space with a person, etc. do a quick body scan on yourself. Don’t try to change anything, just notice what you notice. Any tightness? Openness? Warmth? Great, now enter the space. Take a few seconds to check in again in the same way. What has changed? How does this change feel? Expansive or constricting? Big or small? Open or protective? Now you know. And you get to do this 100 times per day, fine tuning your world for your highest resonance. Thank you for this work from all of us!